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World-Class Acupuncture in London

We offer the highest standard of acupuncture for a variety of medical issues. Based in the private health clinic of Dr (TCM) Attilio D'Alberto, our services provide real health benefits to patients from the Twickenham and London areas.

Acupuncture is an effective treatment for a wide range of medical issues, from back pain to infertility and migraines. Get in touch today and see just how we can help!

What is acupuncture?

For many people, the barrier to using acupuncture as a treatment is that they are not sure what it is. This leads to a lack of confidence in coming to us. Acupuncture has proven to give outstanding results for medical pain over thousands of years.

Originating from Asia, it involves the painless insertion of fine needles into specific areas of the body. This leads to a healing response from the body itself, which cures the root cause of a medical problem, over the course of a full treatment. Any blocked energy is released from the body via this method which allows your inner life-force to flow freely again. This free flow of energy around the body is key in Chinese medicine to a person's overall health and any blockage is often what causes many medical issues people face.

The key point to note here is that there is no pain involved! Many people are cautious when needles are involved but acupuncture is totally different from having something like a blood test. In most cases, you will not even feel the needles going in. Instead, you will feel completely relaxed and elated during treatment.

Why choose the London Acupuncture Clinic?

If you want the best acupuncture treatment in London, choose us. Dr (TCM) D'Alberto is a fully trained expert in acupuncture, having trained for five years in China to become a qualified Doctor of Chinese Medicine. In addition, he has spent 14 years since then delivering successful results. This gives him the knowledge and experience needed to carry out acupuncture treatment to the highest standards.

His warm, caring attitude and expert knowledge in acupuncture mean you can be confident of getting the best treatment possible. The location of the clinic is also very convenient and easy to get to from anywhere in London.

Get in touch today

If you're suffering from an ongoing medical condition you think acupuncture could help with, get in touch with us today. Dr (TCM) D'Alberto will be able to arrange an initial meeting to assess the acupuncture options open to you. Following this initial meeting, you will only start the treatment when you feel ready.



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Clinic Address: 96 Health Road, Twickenham, London, TW1 4BW, UK